Here are three of my favorite basic travel trips for any time of the year. Actually, these probably are important for any traveler whether it is for work or pleasure. Of course, if you need piles of travel tips you can always refer to the traveling man himself!

Tip#1 Call your bank! There is nothing more frustrating than being in a foreign country (or a different state) and finding out you can’t access your money. Bank fraud is so common these days that bank error on the site of ultra-conservatism. A quick call to your bank to let them know you will be in some new location for a period of time will save you an hour or two of vacation time getting your cards turned back on.

Tip#2 Pack light and practice it! You are going on a trip. That means you are not going to be at home. You don’t need all your home comforts on the road, you are either on vacation or working. With that in mind, you don’t need to bring some water filled weight kit. You won’t need three different razors for shaving. You won’t need 12 pairs of underwear for a 4-day trip (unless you have troubles…). You don’t need 3 jackets and 4 hats. Keep it super simple. Bring just enough. If you find you need an additional item, put aside the 30-50 dollars to buy it in the event that you really need it. Chances are you won’t need it.

Tip #3 Enjoy the trip with downtime! If you pack your trip full of non-stop adventure you will need to recover from the trip. Plan for some downtime where you just sit back and relax. Enjoy a little time at a local shop where you can sit and just watch people. Even better you might find a place to sit and talk with local folks. This will be more memorable than the speed bus hopping adventure to try and make all 42 sites in the city center.

I’m not the only one with travel tips — this guy has a slightly different perspective…